How To Get Rust Off Blackstone

How To Get Rust Off Blackstone? [Easy Tips For Prevention]

I agree that Blackstone griddles are very durable, but they can also suffer from many problems over time. One of the common challenges that we often face is rust. It not only affects the look of your Blackstone but can also impact its functionality.

Before cleaning or preventing it, you need to know why your griddle is rusting. I would like to answer it in simple words. When you don’t clean your Blackstone regularly, it starts to collect dirt on the surface. Then slowly dirt starts observing the moisture which causes the rust.

However, with a few simple tips and preventive measures, you can easily remove rust from your Blackstone and keep it looking as good as new.

Why Does My Blackstone Keep Rusting

As I have told you above the major reason for rusting, but there are other reasons too. The griddle is made of durable iron which is a great material for heat distribution evenly. But the Blackstone griddle’s iron also has a drawback that when it reacts with water and oxygen, it causes rust.

Continuously, rust weakens your griddle and causes the griddle to break easily. There are a few reasons that can cause rusty Blackstone.

  • One major reason for rusting is improper cleaning and maintenance. When food junk or grease is left on the griddle surface, it can trap moisture that causes the buildup of rust.
  • Your Blackstone has access to moisture and humidity. If your Blackstone griddle is stored or used in a moist area, there are more chances to rust.
  • The poor quality of the griddle’s coating or seasoning can also cause rust.
  • If your griddle is stored in an open area, morning dews will collect on the surface, which will later cause rusting.
  • If you have kept the griddle in the kitchen, there are chances of it causing rust. Because water is used almost all the time in the kitchen and it is obvious that water will fall on your griddle as well, which will cause it to rust.

How to Prevent Rust on Blackstone Griddle

Here are the tips on how to keep clean your Blackstone griddle:

Clean and Dry the Griddle

After each use, clean the griddle surface thoroughly and remove any food dirt, debris, or grease. And then dry the griddle completely to prevent moisture buildup.

Season the Griddle

Season your Blackstone surface regularly. Seasoning adds a protective layer on the surface that prevents rust and enhances its non-stick properties. To season the griddle, simply apply a thin layer of cooking oil evenly on the entire surface, and heat the griddle on medium-high heat until the oil starts smoking. Finally, allow it to cool, and wipe off any excess oil with a paper towel.

Store in a Dry Place

When the griddle is not in use, store it in a dry and covered area such as a garage or shed. Avoid leaving it outdoors, as moisture can develop rust.

Keep It Away From Water

As I just said, keep your griddle away from water and store it in a dry place. If you live in an area that has humidity, try placing the Blackstone in a ventilated area. And if you keep it in the kitchen, keep it away from water and other materials like plates. Because materials can cause scratches which will later cause rusting.

Use a Griddle Cover

Find a griddle cover that is made especially for your Blackstone model. A cover gives further protection against rust-causing moisture and dust. Before covering the griddle, make sure it is completely cool.

Remove Rust Immediately

If you notice any rust spots on your griddle, remove them as soon as possible. Gently scrub the affected area with a steel wool pad until the rust is gone. Then clean the area with water, dry it, and reseason that spot before using the griddle again.

How to Get Rust off Blackstone

What You Will Need

  • A metal scraper
  • Steel wool, sandpaper, or grill stones
  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • Cooking oil
  • Paper towels

Here is the step-by-step guide to cleaning rusty Blackstone griddle:

Step 1

First of all, turn on the griddle on high heat and leave it for 20 minutes. But before starting this process, must put the heat resistant gloves to avoid any injury. The preheating process will help to soften the rust and will help to remove the dirt easily.

Step 2

Now the next step comes to turn off the griddle heat. Leave it until it reaches a safe temperature but remember you should not overcool the griddle.

Step 3

Now it’s time to clean the griddle surface with the help of a metal scraper. As I said before, the griddle’s plate should be slightly hot. Then clean the surface by scrubbing with the scraper. But remember, don’t scrub too hard because it can damage the plate.

Then clean it well with the help of a paper towel. And repeat this process again and again until you feel it is all clean and there is no rust.

Step 4

The next step is to pour some oil on the surface and spread it over the entire surface with the help of a paper towel. Then take the grill stone and rub the surface with it well. If you don’t have grill stone, you can also use steel wool or sandpaper. When this process is done, wipe the surface with a paper towel.

Step 5

Again turn on the griddle for almost 5 minutes. This will make your griddle’s surface much smoother.

Step 6

It’s time to season the griddle. Pour some cooking oil on the griddle’s surface and spread it with a paper towel. Then preheat the griddle on high heat for 20 minutes. After some time the surface starts to turn black. When the surface completely turns black, turn off the griddle.

Step 7

After seasoning, allow your griddle to completely cool. Finally, add a thin layer of oil on the surface and wipe it. It will help as a protection layer between the griddle and moisture/air.

Final Words

Cleaning and preventing rust from Blackstone surfaces is a very simple process that can help to maintain their look and lifespan. By following the easy tips mentioned earlier, such as regular cleaning, proper storage, and using a protective cover, you can avoid rust and keep your Blackstone free from corrosion. With our step-by-step guide, you can easily get off the rust and enjoy your Blackstone as new.

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