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8 Must-Have Coleman Roadtrip Grill Accessories

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The Coleman RoadTrip line of portable grills is popular among campers and tailgaters who like outdoor cooking. These grills provide versatile cooking power, folding up for easy storage and carrying.

RoadTrip grills are ready to use right out of the box, but you can enhance your experience by adding different accessories. This article will tell you about the top accessories and parts for Coleman RoadTrip grills.

The Stove Grate

The Stove Grate is a useful accessory that can expand the functionality of your Coleman RoadTrip grill. This heavy-duty cast iron grill grate turns your RoadTrip camp stove into a portable stove for preparing meals on the trail.

It provides a sturdy and even cooking surface for pots, pans, skillets, and more. This gives you more flexibility in what you can cook at your campsite or tailgate party beyond just grilling. 

The Stove Grate is easy to install and remove as needed. It’s compatible with most Coleman RoadTrip grills, including those that have different adjustable grill shelf widths. It’s a smart idea to use the RoadTrip grill for more than just barbecuing.

So, add the Stove Grate to your grill setup and enjoy an additional cooking method on your next camping or tailgating trip.

The Griddle Grate

The Griddle Grate is another excellent accessory that unlocks even more cooking versatility for your Coleman RoadTrip grill. This sturdy cast iron griddle is easily attached to your grill in place of the regular grates. 

Their flat cooking surface allows you to cook foods like pancakes, eggs, bacon, grilled sandwiches, fajitas, and many more.

The Griddle Grate retains heat well, creating a nice hot cooking surface to sear meats and vegetables. The raised edges prevent foods from sliding off. After cooking, the griddle grate can be easily wiped down. 

With the Griddle Grate, you can cook delicate items that may fall through the cracks of a regular grill grate. Burgers and steaks also benefit from the wide flat top, which prevents smaller pieces from burning. 

The Griddle Grate adds a whole new range of quick and easy camp cooking options. So, enjoy the convenience of griddle cooking at your next tailgate or camping trip with this useful accessory.

Grill Tools

Having the right grill tools on hand makes cooking on your Coleman RoadTrip grill even easier. Look for utensils with long handles that are easy to grip over the heat. 

The tools should include a strong pair of tongs for turning meats and vegetables, a spatula for flipping burgers and pressing grilled sandwiches, a grilling fork for maneuvering foods, and a basting brush for applying sauces. 

Investing in a quality set of grill tools can make your next camping or tailgating cookout smooth and successful.

Propane Gas Adapter

The Propane Gas Adapter is also a useful accessory for RoadTrip grills. This simple adapter allows you to connect a 20 lb propane tank to your grill instead of the standard 16.4 oz disposable propane cylinders. 

Having a full-sized tank provides a much longer runtime. You’ll be able to barbecue for hours without worrying about running out of propane. The adapter comes with a hose and regulator to control gas flow from the large propane tank. 

The Propane Gas Adapter gives you the convenience of an infinite supply of propane. It’s perfect for extended camping trips when you’ll be cooking on the grill frequently. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of swapping out small disposable cylinders.

RoadTrip Grill Regulator

The RoadTrip Grill Regulator controls gas flow from the propane cylinder to your Coleman grill. The regulator allows you to safely control the flow of propane from your tank to your grill. This provides the right amount of gas for optimal flame control and cooking performance.

The regulator attaches securely to the propane cylinder valve and connects to the grill via the hose. Please be careful not to stress or damage the hose. The regulator has a pressure indicator that shows if the gas is flowing correctly. 

Trust me this vital component can be useful.


A thermometer is a handy accessory that can help you become a grilling pro. A quality instant-read thermometer allows you to accurately check the internal temperature of meats and other foods. This ensures your food is cooked properly without overcooking. 

Look for a thermometer that can quickly read temps in just 2-3 seconds. It should have a wide temperature range and an extra-long probe to reach deep into thick cuts of meat. The thermometer display should be easy to read while outdoors. 

Monitoring temperature while grilling helps remove the guesswork so meats of any size turn out perfectly done. An instant-read thermometer is an essential tool for delicious results every time you fire up your RoadTrip grill.

Wheeled Carrying Case

The Wheeled Carrying Case makes transporting your Coleman RoadTrip grill smooth and easy. This rugged cart has heavy-duty wheels that can handle any terrain from pavement to dirt trails. The case is specially designed to hold your RoadTrip grill securely in place during transit. 

Padding inside the case protects the grill from bumps or scrapes. The locking telescoping handle extends for comfortable pulling and then stores neatly. With your grill secured inside, you’ll be able to roll it right to your cooking site without any heavy lifting. 

The Wheeled Carrying Case has dedicated storage pockets for the stand, grill grates, and other accessories too. Moving your grill around is hassle-free with this all-in-one transport solution.

RoadTrip Grill Cover

The RoadTrip Grill Cover is an essential accessory to protect your Coleman grill when not in use. This durable cover is made from heavy-duty polyester fabric with a water-resistant coating. It slips securely over the entire grill to prevent exposure to the elements.

The weatherproof cover shields your grill from rain, snow, wind, dust, and more when stored outdoors. It keeps the grill surfaces and controls clean and free of debris. The cover has an elastic hem for a tight custom fit on your RoadTrip grill model. 

For long-term protection, be sure to use the cover anytime your grill is sitting idle, whether stored in the garage or on the patio. The cover also works great for transport in the car or truck bed to reduce sliding around and abrasions.

Final Words

In summary, Coleman RoadTrip grills are great portable grills made even better with the right accessories.

With the ability to cook anything from pancakes to steaks, these accessories make your RoadTrip grill more functional. You can grill for just yourself or a whole party. Use disposable or refillable propane. And keep your grill protected.

No matter how you plan to use your RoadTrip grill, accessories can maximize its convenience and functionality. Consider which add-ons suit your needs to take your grilling experience to the next level.

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